Domain Search – A typical platform in this category is built around a search function. New and existing users will enter a preferred domain name and the platform will scan the web to see if it’s available for purchase, and with what top-level domains. It will determine registration prices based on the demand value of a particular domain. Once a user purchases a domain, the provider—often with assistance from a web hosting service—will process the domain into an accessible site through the DNS. This converts a character-based URL into an IP address so disparate machines can access it from wherever they are in the world.

Domain Transfer – Rebranding is a multilayered concept. It could mean changing one detail in your company’s name or a complete overhaul from all angles. Even the most recognizable brands must make the difficult decision to pivot in their approach in order to communicate the right message to their customers. To help in this arena, domain registration providers will either offer features for or direct users to where they can change their primary domain to a promising alternative. This can also occur after a dispute or sale related to the property. Domain transfers allow businesses to find an appropriate replacement and redirect the site’s content to the new location. There are also transfer services that allow users to move a domain registered with one provider over to a new provider, if the business is trying to centralize several sites into one hub or simply desires a new provider based on service offerings or issues with the old one.

Domain Marketplace – When a business shutters its doors, transfers its domain, or simply has no use for an old property, it can list the domain on a marketplace to be purchased by another company. This is a feature of some domain registration sites and also a standalone solution of various other providers. Domain marketplaces ensure that valuable URLs do not simply fade into nothingness by remaining attached to broken websites or outdated material. Reselling domains on a marketplace can be performed through a set resale price or, if preferred by the seller, put up to auction and sold to the highest bidder. If you are seeking a certain domain name and cannot find it through a standard search, you may consider browsing a domain marketplace to see if a comparable name is back on the market from an earlier owner.

GoDaddy has been around for a very long time. They’re a domain registrar and a hosting company, so they can do a lot for your site without you having to turn elsewhere. They are the world’s biggest domain name registrar and they also sell a lot of other services to support larger sites, eCommerce sites, and much more.

They cost $14.99/year to register a domain name, but they often run promos where you can register a domain for as little as $0.99.